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The following served as Chaplains of St Paul’s English Church:

Josiah Spencer (1879), Beresford Potter (1902), Samuel Smith (1905), Henry Smale (1909), Llewellyn Edwards (1926), Harold Buxton (1927), Thomas de Chaumont (1931), Malcolm Maxwell (1937), Donald Goldie (1949), Arthur Adeney (1955), Kenneth Blackburn (1958), William Farrer (1960), Albert Keene (1963), Peter Chandler (1964), John Nicholls (1967), Peter Cowen (1976), Douglas Northridge (1978)

In 1981, St Paul’s English Church was rehallowed as the Cathedral Church of St Paul, and the first Bishop of the Diocese, The Right Reverend Leonard Ashton was enthroned.

The following served as Deans of St Paul’s Cathedral:

Bryan Henry (1981), Patrick Blair (1991), Michael Mansbridge (1997), John Morley (1999), Stephen Collis (2002), John Tyrrel (2009), Jeremy Crocker (2015 to present)


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