Our Cathedral Magazine, entitled ‘The Epistle’ is published every Michaelmas, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. Bi-annually we also publish a newsletter entitled scene@stpaulsnicosia which highlights various activities and events within the life of the Cathedral Community. 

Click on the various links below to download the individual publications:

Scene Synod 2019

SceneAtCypgulf 2018 10

The Trinity Epistle September 2018

The Eastertide Epistle May 2018

The Epistle, Lent Edition 2018

The Epistle, Christmastide Edition 2017

The Epistle, Advent Edition 2017

scene@stpaulsnicosia – October 2017

The Epistle, Michaelmas Edition 2017

The Epistle, Trinity Edition 2017

The Epistle, Easter Edition 2017

The Epistle, Lent Edition 2017

The Epistle, Christmas Edition 2016

The Epistle, Advent Edition 2016

The Epistle, Michaelmas Edition 2016